About Us

About Us

Our goal is to identify and develop a generation of wealth creators who are not “status quo” people. Our mission is to launch 1000 wealth creators in 10 years and to this end we aim to work with 100 young people annually to transform their entrepreneurial ideas into a commercial reality. We have recently rebranded and we put our mission at the forefront by reflecting it in our company name and changed it from Watershed Entrepreneurs to Launch1000.

So far the Launch1000 programme has been delivered to more than 95 young entrepreneurs. This unique 12-day residential programme is rooted in our counter intuitive “radical generosity” approach, which is backed up by our expertise in “de-risking” entrepreneurs for investors.

Since 2013 the Launch1000 method has also been successfully applied in the corporate environment. Our approach is particularly impactful in major corporations where layers of infrastructure can tend to obscure innovative pipelines. 

We have also developed an appropriately scaled entrepreneur’s programme which we are introducing into schools and colleges.

Our methodology uses validated insights into successful entrepreneurial behaviour. This underpins a world-class development experience for qualifying individuals relevant to their life experience and age. Our aim is to re-shape the human experience of turning ideas and dreams into reality and transform the relationship between people and the economy they create. The economy exists to serve people not the other way round.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a school teacher, a CEO, a potential investor or benefactor and intrigued, please explore our website.

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