About You

Radical Generosity

You have a dream or a very clear idea of a business opportunity that you have either started or would like to start. Typically, you can demonstrate a capacity to “get cracking” to create your product or idea.

But rather than trying to provide a magic formula for being entrepreneurial or trying to emulate well known entrepreneurs such as Branson or Dyson, we believe each entrepreneur is somewhat unique, therefore tapping into their talent, their passions and their dreams whether as an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur provides a more secure base for an entrepreneurial career.  Once their talent is identified we help them discover a range of capabilities in order to maximise success.

Ultimately we think this is rooted in their identity. An entrepreneur is someone who takes their dream and puts it into reality/experience. We help those kind of dreamers who wish to transform their dream into a commercial expression  – these are then commercial entrepreneurs. But you can also be an educational entrepreneur or a spiritual entrepreneur as well….. We certainly evaluate people to see whether they have some of the competencies needed to transform an idea into a commercial reality.

During the residential process we place around a person who has this dream and initial competence/capability, the required core knowledge, skills and insights that helps to enable their idea to be realised.

You are likely to be aged in your 20s, but we are flexible on this. Talk to us.

You also  find our commitment to “radical generosity” intriguing and believe that your business idea would contribute to this kind of wealth generation approach.

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