A brighter future for Bath youngsters

The silence has been deafening, we realise that! This is as a direct result of our knuckling down to some challenging times of our own – namely – growing! As a consequence we have not been talking very much but we have not been idle and the results will soon prove this!

For a start we have joined forces with National Westminster Bank PLC. They were so impressed with the programme we ran with Monkton Combe, (link the Bath article here) they have asked us to identify and train 50 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Bath. The aim is to grow successful businesses in a bid to make a fundamental difference in their local communities.

This Watershed NatWest project closely follows our ethos to help build confidence, trust, self-esteem and self-worth in young people. As we have now proven on numerous occasions this will encourage an increased level of engagement and interest for good in the local community and has the potential to create jobs for the successful entrepreneurs.

The programme, which will take place on the premises of local schools and run as an extra-curricular activity, will focus on Year 12 pupils from a selection of State schools across the Bath area.

Those young people who are picked will be given an introduction to the mindset and skill sets of the entrepreneur, and successful students from the Level 1 course will be presented with a Watershed Young Entrepreneurs Certificate. Outstanding students will be offered places on the Watershed full residential programme.

The project, which will start in October 2015, is currently seeking schools that are interested in taking part… so please share this great news!!

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