Anthony Ogunbowal-Thomas – Good Fruit

Good Fruit

My passion is to see culture shaped in a meaningful way. I’ve always been inspired by entrepreneurs, inventors and cultural influencers with integrity who have contributed to the way we live, think and see the world. It was during my experiences trying to launch a business and being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, dreamers and visionaries that it became apparent two of the biggest obstacles to realising an idea were access to funding and skills to bring them to life.

GOODFRUIT brings this equation together. We are an online ecosystem where dreamers connect with co-dreamers and source funds and skills to bring ideas to fruition. For example a writer publishing a memoir sharing the stories of women in Korea joined GOODFRUIT and raise £10,000, an editor, book designer and tour manager all in one. We take a curated approach to crowd funding by selecting dreamers, ideas and projects that show integrity and create cultural and social value.

Our vision is to shape a renaissance where people, culture and society flourish and the Watershed experience helped provide both inspiration and structure to drive that forward. Watershed isn’t just a great business retreat, it’s a learning experience about yourself too. Learning how you’re wired and how that translates amongst others is just as important as a great idea or business plan.

I’ve honestly met amazing people on the Watershed course, from change makers to sharp entrepreneurs and creative geniuses, all with great personalities – it was a crazy bunch. The Watershed team were the cherry on top and a true gift! I’m really excited about what lies ahead.

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