Dax Barker – Dalo

Dax Barker - Dalo

It was during a social entrepreneurship course at Pretoria’s Business School that I had my light-bulb moment.

A young entrepreneur was presenting his idea of creating a lap desk for under privileged children to use to do their school work. The simple, transportable idea appealed to me. However it also made me realise that these children may not have tables to work from but they were also sitting on cold concrete floors at schools.

My research confirmed that there are over 3 million children in South Africa alone who walk miles to school and then sit on the floor. This figure pales somewhat when compared with the 40 million children on the planet who suffer a similar fate.

Getting kids off the floor became my mission and my light weight, easily transportable desk and chair unit goes some way towards solving this issue. Distribution is of course the next hurdle I am learning to leap. So far I have managed to get 8000 units out and my plan is to distribute a further 20.000 within the next 12 months. Something which, following my time with Watershed, now seems eminently possible.

The course certainly took me out of my comfort zone and I feel stronger and more prepared, key was the recognition of why I am doing this and my actual role in this scheme. As a consequence I have been able to define exactly who I need to be talking to to move the projects forward and I have already made some phenomenal contacts which I believe will set me on the way to achieving my mission.

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