Ed Vickers – Jollie Goods

Ed Vickers - Jollie Goods

I am sure I am not alone when I talk about the sense of hopelessness I used to feel when walking past a homeless person,either asking for money or selling a Big Issue. This prompted me to find out what more I could do beyond buying them a coffee of leaving them some spare change. My research led me to discover that one of the things I take for granted, a plentiful supply of clean, warm socks, is a real luxury for many homeless people. I was taken aback by this and decided that this was definitely an area I could focus on.

My journey from reaching that decision to handing our new socks whenever I could has now become a thriving, if still fledgling, business, for which the motto is wear a pair, share a pair, the brand is Jollie Goods.

For every pair of socks bought, a sturdy pair of hiking socks is given to a homeless charity. This is just the beginning, I plan to move into other warm garments and to extend my business proposition.

Watershed gave me clarity and enabled me to identify my strengths. I realised that some of the road blocks I seemed to be experiencing in terms of moving to the next stage had a lot to do with my current indecision regarding ‘where to go next’. I am sure many young entrepreneurs experience similar set backs. Initial success can often be followed by a dip in energy and direction, Watershed has given me a real boost and a solid strategy for where I am aiming for next.

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