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Archer & Parry

After leaving university, I longed to fulfill my dream of setting up a business which could make a difference.Whilst sitting outside in the garden one September evening I had my ‘Isaac Newton moment’; an apple fell off our tree, joining many others scattered over our lawn. A problem was staring me in the face: every year the majority of our apples would ultimately go to waste. There seemed to be no easy and effective method of storage (there are only so many apple pies a family can eat!) and this was a great shame. My solution was to make apple juice. Perhaps my discovery wasn’t quite as groundbreaking as the theory of gravity, but I like to think it comes a close second!

I began to research how to make apple juice and crucially how to ensure it lasts. Three weeks later I bought my first apple press. I didn’t want to keep all my shiny new kit to myself, so that season I made juice for all the family as well as the neighbours. The feedback was very positive and the following year we were making juice for the whole village. We haven’t looked back and now we make juice for Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire residents. Our press is a little bigger and we have roped in cousins, brothers and friends to help us make delicious tasting juice.

Our service is very simple. Our clients drop off their apples at our HQ: Mole Farm, Burghclere. We press their apples turning them into bottles of your very own pasteurised apple juice with bespoke labels – we also make pear juice. The pasteurisation ensures the juice lasts up to 18 months, and the bespoke label allows the customer to add their own personal touch to their juice e.g. Rose Cottage Apple Juice with a picture of the house. Our pressing solution helps to reduce food waste and encourages sustainable living. We don’t add anything, producing a natural, healthy, great tasting pure apple juice.

The Watershed experience, really was a watershed moment in my life, and my new business partner Tom Archer. We were both at a similar stage in life, having graduated and become fairly disillusioned with the corporate rat race. We decided to go into partnership together; a process which was fuelled and facilitated by Watershed. We left the course reinvigorated ready to tackle the challenges ahead. The journey hasn’t always been easy but with the support of the Watershed network we have persevered and are as excited as ever about the future.

Today, Tom and I continue to develop our apple juicing business and we have also set up a property management business. I have enrolled on a year long course called the new entrepreneurs foundation and I am looking forward to another busy year.

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