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A brighter future for Bath youngsters

The silence has been deafening, we realise that! This is as a direct result of our knuckling down to some challenging times of our own - namely - growing!

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Dax Barker - Dalo

Dax Barker – Dalo

It was during a social entrepreneurship course at Pretoria’s Business School that I had my light-bulb moment.

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Dominic Eden – Gadabouting

When I first heard of Watershed I had just set up Gadabouting, a luxury travel website I had been refining for a couple of years.

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Peter Hartley-Booth

I’ve been working as a chef in London and abroad since I left the Besom charity nearly four years ago, where I interned and worked.

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Archer & Parry

Will Parry & Tom Archer – Archer & Parry

After leaving university, I longed to fulfill my dream of setting up a business which could make a difference.

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David Hutton – FlexiPump

I was three years old when I decided I wanted to be an inventor, something which I was told was unlikely to happen!

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Ed Vickers - Jollie Goods

Ed Vickers – Jollie Goods

I am sure I am not alone when I talk about the sense of hopelessness I used to feel when walking past a homeless person,

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Augustus Hare

Sam Carlisle – Augustus Hare

I first started making ties thanks to the proximity of one of the worlds leading silk mills to my home

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Good Fruit

Anthony Ogunbowal-Thomas – Good Fruit

My passion is to see culture shaped in a meaningful way. I’ve always been inspired by entrepreneurs, inventors and cultural influencers 

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David Schluter – Fluid IT

My goal when I set up Fluid IT eight years ago was to provide IT services and support to SMEs - particularly non-profits.

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