When we first established Launch1000, in 2010, our team of experts focused on providing the know-how and cultural mindset to turn a start-up idea into a sustainable operation. We wanted to help create viable ecosystems in which businesses would thrive and expand.

What we achieved went far beyond that vision. Our team of experts grew, we attracted people from a wide range of diverse industry sectors, and we found that the Launch1000 model could be applied to encourage innovation at the cutting edge as a way of stimulating business development in the corporate world.

As a result we have developed a unique set of corporate tools to better define and support entrepreneurs and encourage innovative approaches. Creating an environment of disruption might sound counter-productive, chaotic even, yet corporate management in any industry sector needs to champion a vibrant and innovative environment where entrepreneurs can fuel growth by monetising new ideas. In fact this needs to become a key growth-strategy.

The next generation of employees are not old-fashioned “organisation climbers”, they are primed to make a change and they want to join organisations that let them do just that. Now it is down to corporations to nurture and harness this vitality.

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