“Execution” is what differentiates a mediocre business idea from a thriving one. There is an entrepreneurial mindset and a measureable set of behaviours. As such, our mission is to align people’s ideas with their capacity to execute them.

At Launch1000 we connect young people with innovative commercial ideas to the best training, access to resources (financial and more) and mentor support.

We are living in rapidly evolving, fast-moving times where change is relentless. The speed and global reach of information has simultaneously depersonalised and extended sharing. In fact, it could be said that the current global economic situation was, in part, caused by the depersonalised manipulation of financial data. Certainly, the thinking and behaviour supporting the 2007 financial crash is now acknowledged as dysfunctional and unsustainable.

Our approach is unusual. We focus on the capacity to execute which for us is rooted in what we understand as “core identity”, clarity of vision and relationship based on integrity. Whilst we appreciate investor funding is core to breathing life into most new ideas, it is by no means the only element to ensure an innovative idea becomes a thriving commercial success.

We welcome entrepreneurially minded people who wish to grow their businesses and generate wealth as a by-product of the urge to add value to the world. We offer a unique 12 day experience. This provides access to a compelling and essential set of core knowledge and behavioural tools that transforms a vision into a reality.

Participants hear first hand how others have grown their businesses with help from investment partners. They also gain powerful insights into growth strategies and learn how to produce and present business plans with clarity and conviction.

We work with individuals own business ideas and personal narrative. This story integrates commercial, psychological and motivational knowledge with the business idea. This is then presented to Angel investors at the end of each course who may wish to explore options further.

In the words of one recent MBA graduate, our programme gives more practical insights and experience of the commercial world than a year-long MBA programme at a prestigious UK Business school.

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