Without the support of philanthropic individuals, much of the work we undertake to train young entrepreneurs to make a difference in society would just not be possible. Launch1000 has been funded to date from the savings and personal support of members of the core team together with a number of generous donations and gifts-in-kind from individuals closely associated with the organization.

The Launch1000 Foundation has evolved through articulating and practicing Radical Generosity. This has created an extensive group of benefactors  who have grasped the RG concept, and who support us on many levels.

Ours is a creative and innovative charitable enterprise which is starting to play an increasingly important part in helping to reform the nation’s attitude towards wealth creation.

We have a growing body of evidence from the young people who have come through the Launch1000 programme to date that the model is robust, extremely successful, sustainable and replicable.

Launch1000 has the potential to leave a substantial mark on the world. As a charitable foundation it delivers all the education and training programmes associated with the development of new entrepreneurial ventures. It receives income from charitable donations from individuals, trusts and companies.

Likewise, Launch1000 entrepreneurs will also ‘covenant’ a proportion of their profits as their businesses grow and become successful. Funds will be disbursed principally to identify and train the next cohort of entrepreneurs by funding courses and coaching programmes.

A proportion of the donation income from Launch1000 will also be used to support a range of social impact projects.

The Launch1000 Foundation operates under Giving Works – Launch1000 – Charity Number 1078770

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