Investors and Donors

There is a school of thought that believes a business strategy is most effective if written in reverse. By starting where you want the story to end you can focus on your goals and work back to how best to achieve them.

The type of investors we work with are drawn by our unique approach which uses predictive profiling, based on behavioural insight and measurement, to determine likely entrepreneurial success.

Our immediate need – how you can help!

Our aim over the next two years is to move Launch1000 to a point where it can become financially self-sustainable. This will be achieved when the profit derived from the programmes which are run on a commercial basis by Launch1000 Ltd (those for intrapreneurs and schools) is able to cover the cost of the ‘gifted’ programme for young entrepreneurs, which is run under the umbrella of the Launch1000 Foundation.

The list below illustrates how donations at various levels will make a real difference:

  • £1000 will enable one young person from a deprived area to go through a mini-Launch1000 programme (35 hours).
  • £4000 will sponsor one young entrepreneur to go through a full Launch1000 programme (12 days, fully residential).
  • £60,000 will cover the cost of a full programme for 15 young entrepreneurs

 How to make a donation

The attached form is designed as a simple way of expressing your support for the Launch1000 Foundation and provides a number of methods for tax-efficient giving. Please click on the link below, print the form, complete it as appropriate and return it to the address shown.

 Tax-efficient giving

If you pay tax in the UK, the Launch1000 Foundation can recover £25 from the Inland Revenue for every £100 you donate. If you are a higher-rate taxpayer, you can also claim the difference between the Higher Tax Rate and the Basic Tax Rate. A donation of £100 will therefore enable you to Gift Aid the sum of £25 and reclaim an additional £25 on your Self Assessment form.

Donation (£) Value to Launch1000 with Gift Aid Cost to donor (20% tax payer) Cost to donor (40% tax payer) Cost to donor (45% tax payer)


Donation (£)

Value to Launch1000

with Gift Aid

Cost to donor

(20% tax payer)

Cost to donor

(40% tax payer)

Cost to donor

(45% tax payer)

 250  312.50  250.00  187.50  171.88
1000   1250.00  1000.00  750.00  687.50
 10000  12500.00  12500.00  7500.00  6875.00
 100000  125000.00  125000.00  75000.00  68750.00


A donation made by standing order of £50 per month for 3 years is worth £2,250 to Launch1000 (with the Gift Aid element), and costs the donor (who pays tax at 45%) £1237.50.

 How your gift can be acknowledged and recognized

Launch1000 will very gratefully acknowledge all gifts and assistance of any kind. There are many opportunities within the scope of our projects to record the generosity of our donors through, for example, sponsorship, or by establishing a Launch1000 bursary scheme for young entrepreneurs, or by funding a local community Launch1000 programme for disadvantaged young people. The Launch1000 team at will be very pleased to discuss such opportunities in more detail.

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