Launch1000’s structure

Entrepreneurs Programme

Launch1000 comprises two parts: Launch1000 Ltd and the Launch1000 Foundation.

The Launch1000 Foundation is a registered charity which operates under Giving Works and ‘gifts’ the training programmes for young entrepreneurs. It currently receives income from charitable donations from individuals, trusts and companies to cover the cost of the 12 day ‘gifted’ residential programmes, and also some core operational costs of the charity.

Launch1000 Ltd is a company which delivers a programme for intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs who are more comfortable operating within a corporate structure), and also the mini programme for schools and colleges. These programmes are run on a commercial basis where a fee is charged. Profits derived from these two revenue streams will, increasingly, be donated to the Foundation to help cover the cost of the ‘gifted’ residential programmes. It is anticipated that successful businesses which emerge from the programme may also wish to donate a proportion of their profits to the Foundation to help fund the training of the next cohort of young entrepreneurs.

The relationship between the Foundation and Launch1000 Ltd. is shown above.

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