5 Finalists – Watershed Entrepreneurs 2015 programme

We are proud to present the 5 finalists of the Watershed Entrepreneurs – 2015 programme.

They proved a big success with our investors and as a result they are raising capital to fuel their growth. If you are interested to co-invest please make contact with Mike Sotirakos



During extended visits to a Dublin children’s hospital with their son, Mark and Rowena noticed a large amount of families who had traveled up to 5 hours by car to attend outpatient appointments. They also discovered that families were having to turn down advanced treatments abroad as they couldn’t afford the transport costs. Mark is a pilot and wants to provide FREE flights in light aircraft to these families to help alleviate the stress and strain of long journeys. They will set up an aircraft leasing company leasing small aircraft to flight schools and the profits from this will feed into the Angel Flight foundation to provide the free flights to the families. 


Square Plugins ( Squarespace users with easy-to-install plugins to take their websites to the next level. Our online store stocks over 160 plugins which are delivered via automated digital downloads. Our plugin code is present on thousands of websites around the world. By 2017 we aim to be the sole-provider of outsourced web development services for 1000 Squarespace web design companies. 


KTO ( reconnects people with the hands that have made every part of their clothing. We are an online store that creates and curates products that reflect our name, stocking clothing brands built around transparency that value people, the environment and aesthetics in equal measure. We produce our clothing through value led production businesses that are created to transform communities in Bangladesh and India. We are aiming to benchmark a higher level of ethical production through using fair trade and organic threads, labels and fully traceable fabrics. We show consumers the full impact of their clothing through hashtags in all of the care labels – linking through to picture of the producers and quotes on the environmental impact.  15% of profits will be used to help support garment workers leadership programs to allow workers to learn and enforce their rights in Dhaka. The online platform will also be used to provide education and campaigning around the impacts of fashion and consumption.



We are a consumer and enterprise marketplace for one-on-one, face-to-face learning, mentorship and coaching. We believe in the value of learning from other people through relationships and experience, and that one-on-one learning is by far the best learning experience. (



Compound clients enjoy increasing value and impact from digital marketing, with reduced risk. They achieve this with bespoke digital strategy and real time insight into the metrics that matter most to them. (

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