Watershed Entrepreneurs joins forces with Reload Greece

It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that the economic plight affecting Greece is something which struck a strong chord with all of us ‘Shedders. Particularly Mike Sotirakos of course as he is Greek.

The key issue here of course is not just about ‘how can we help’, but more to the point ‘ how can we help young people in Greece survive and excel in such economic straights?’ We are firm believers that there are hidden opportunities behind every challenge and the Greek situation is no different. The challenges may seem huge, and they are, but all the more reason for us to step up, roll up our sleeves and make positive things happen.

So when we heard about Reload Greece, a Hub of Youth Entrepreneurship in London, we wanted to find out more. Their aim is to ensure that young people will develop skills in entrepreneurship and social innovation that will help their communities develop both socially and economically. Sounds familiar? yes that is exactly our thinking too! They are all about creating the virtuous circle of offering viable options for the future generations of entrepreneurs and social innovators to benefit entire communities and, ultimately an entire country… okay and while we are at it, the European Union, why not.

Reload Greece started in March 2012 with five young Greek volunteers now they have over 30 volunteers. They took on the responsibility of promoting the charity’s objects by exploring entrepreneurial case studies to educate young people about business, commerce and entrepreneurship. The Reload team likes to call these passionate and innovative young people “Reloaders”. So we have ‘Shedders’ and they have ‘Reloaders’!

As you can imagine, we have jumped right into this starting off with our participation in the Reload Greece Challenge which aims to accelerate the 5 best ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs that will make an immediate contribution to Greece’s economy and society. From Monday 14 September to 18 September, the accelerator programme, led by Mike Sotirakos will kick off every morning at 9am and go through to 7pm.

We have already had a great response, aspiring entrepreneurs coming forward with concepts and ideas they would like to put forward. There will be a short list process early September so we are currently looking for more would be entrepreneurs to step up. Their ideas can be at any stage of development or background as long as they prove how they can significantly impact Greece.

Please pass this on to everyone you know – and those you don’t know too!!

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