Launch1000 is currently experiencing a surge in interest, particularly from the bio-tech, engineering, design and innovation industries. As a result we have broaden our reach and a pre-Launch1000 course which has been developed for schools and colleges across the UK.

We work with young people who have aspirations to create their own businesses and to create wealth of all kinds.

The Launch1000 programme helps to build confidence, trust, self-esteem and self-worth; it encourages an increased level of engagement and interest (for good) in the local community, create jobs for the successful entrepreneurs who become less dependent on receiving benefits and helps to stimulate a new sense of direction and purpose in the lives of the young people who participate.

Young people are mentored closely during and after the Launch1000 course, with places on the full residential Launch1000 programme ‘gifted’ to the top two participants.

The young people who participate will be given an introduction to the mindset and skill sets of the entrepreneur: how to see opportunities in problems; devise solutions as products and services; build viable ecosystems around those solutions and develop teams to work with them.

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